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Trust Imani Medical Corporation for your health and wellness needs. My name is Verdena Jennings, D.O. I have been a physician since 1991. I would be honored to help you gain a sense of well-being.  All ages and all people are welcome to start their path to true health and wellness here.

Services Provided

  • Counseling with Dr. Jennings for many of life's problems
  • Life Coaching for affordable help in starting any journey
  • Free Meditation
  • Addiction treatment  and counsel with Suboxone ™, Adipex ™, Vivtrol ™ and other medications
  • Enlightening online CEU workshops  for nurses and social workers, psychologists and counselors

We Build Healthy Communities and Healthy Lifestyles

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Please note that no medical insurance is accepted for care and consultation at this time.  However your insurance may cover your medications if the company has a relationship with Imani Medical and its providers.  Feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.

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Dr. Verdena Lee

Dr. Verdena Jennings is an Internal Medicine specialist with over 20 years of experience.  She has helped over 5000 patients in her practice.  She developed a system called Your New Day that helps free people of old habits and behaviors that prevent their personal growth and healthy relationships.